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In mid-November 2018, Bitcoin and the top-ranked alt-coins are in sideways moves in a bear market. Google the search term "crypto today," and you'll be served up the factoids and opinions on what's driving the cryptocurrency market. Sometimes the news is useful, but most of the time it's a reflection of the market price action.

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Blockchain 2018 = Internet 1990

If you’ve tried to understand what is going on in the cryptocurrency world, or if you’ve attempted to understand what a blockchain is then you’ve come to right place.

The Internet as you know it is being rebuilt with a new “smart” layer. The technology they are using is called blockchains, and blockchains are the building blocks of this new layer.

Inside, we’ll be deconstructing the cryptocurrency markets and analysing patterns of supply and demand. And we’ll also be revealing new technologies and discussing breaking news and upcoming events.

Not technical? You don’t need to be. You’ll see how everything fits together, explained simply in plain English.