All in Government

The conditional biases protecting you in everyday life don’t work so well in the cryptocurrency markets.

Going against the crowd is hard because acting alone and answering only to yourself goes against your inbuilt biases and years of experiential life conditioning. We are trained to recognise authority and respond to an authority figure.

We think we’re in control. But studies in behavioural economics has shown we are not. We use a personal collection of subconscious biases and behaviour patterns to help us get through the day.

It could be a perceived expert from your bank or brokerage. It could be a TV talking head, or it could be an article in a newspaper. If you’ve taken a position and you read, see, or hear something that goes against your authority, it will be difficult for you to resist second-guessing yourself. 

If you aren’t clear about exactly why you should take a position, you’ll find many catalysts waiting to either stop you from getting in or spook you into getting out too early.

Low tech vs. High tech. Can simple techniques find an edge?

The more uncertain you become, the more likely you are to do nothing. And as you do nothing, opportunity passes you by. There are windows of time to act when speculating in the cryptocurrency markets. Miss them, and your edge slips away. The majority, the 95%, miss out because they look around for guidance from others. They visit chat rooms, twitter feeds, facebook, anywhere to give them a clue.

The masses do almost everything, except what is required to be consistent and successful in speculation.

Is picking tomorrow’s cryptocurrency winners luck or are there tools that can help?

Cryptocurrencies have been described as a solution looking for a problem. Out of the thousands of coins and tokens, how do you pick the future market leaders? Using a heat map is an efficient and effective way to see the big picture from a follow the money price-performance point of view, taking seconds to show Litecoin as the best performer in terms of volume traded and price performance.

Recognising a parabolic move in cryptocurrencies can provide traders with several advantages.

Observing three trend lines, each with a higher rate of slope, are tell-tale signatures that, a large percentage of the time, precede a parabolic move. As prices begin to accelerate, and, using daily compounding, the rate of change will have the effect of doubling the price within a week or two, ask yourself what is the likelihood of observing this phenomenological combination if your assumptions are false?