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What advertising and market bubbles have in common

When faced with uncertainty, human beings have a tendency to search for the opinions of others, and in precisely the same way, when we open a curiosity gap, it’s known that we experience a strong need or desire to close the gap. Just like the uncertainty pattern, the curiosity gap pattern has been used to manipulate the crowd into action.

You might be thinking that exploiting the crowd using these tactics is a new phenomenon? It’s not.

Losing cryptocurrency traders do the same things in all conditions. Winning traders don’t.

The majority of traders don’t adjust their strategies depending on conditions, and they don’t monitor the strategies they use. Consistent speculators don’t just adjust strategies, dependent on where in the price cycle they are trading, they also follow the performance of the strategies they use, not only in testing before they use them but in real time.

Can you dramatically reduce overwhelm in the cryptocurrency markets?

Using third-party coin ratings, cryptocurrency indexes and their constituent weightings, and knowing the fundamental difference between a protocol and an algorithm, as well as the three most important functions of a cryptocurrency — security, decentralisation, and scalability, you'll be on your way to building a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency market. No technical background required.