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Guns and Butter

A powerful technique to help you navigate the cryptocurrency market is to be able to recognise what problem a coin or token solves.

To understand Bitcoin, the timing of its creation, and why it was launched in January 2009, Guns and Butter looks at how money has been confiscated, devalued and manipulated in recent history. 

Every time without your consent.

Bitcoin is an attempt to re-democratise the control you have over your assets. It has no central authority, and nobody owns it. No central authority and giving you complete control of your assets is something that makes governments very nervous.

The geopolitical environment is changing. Protectionism and nationalism are on the rise. 

Nations are self-determining their economic policies, and this is leading to tariffs and restrictions on trade.

The perfect storm is setting up blockchain technology to enter the global stage and into your life.

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  • The financial war, hidden, in plain sight. A fight, not one in a hundred thousand realises is happening — and what it may mean for you.

  • How governments have confiscated their citizen's wealth and devalued their savings.

  • Why the democracy you live in might not be as democratic as you thought.

  • A technique (borrowed from the mafia), and used by the United States to enforce the use of US dollars.

  • What quantitative easing has done to the debt levels of G7 countries and why governments allowed it to happen.

  • The perfect storm building in 2018 and what this means for the future of cryptocurrencies.

  • Why being part of the crowd may not be in your best interest.

  • How the rise of nationalism might affect the cryptocurrency market.

  • The simple “thought” tool you can use to infer the outcome of the international geopolitical chess game. And why the conclusion could be the next catalyst for cryptocurrencies.

  • How trade wars and cryptocurrencies are connected.

  • Why governments woke up in 2017 and how their actions are a major “tell” for the future of cryptocurrencies.

  • The ugly truth: governments don’t have any money of their own and the sneaky ways they can access your cash.

  • Why Bitcoin is a democratic way to give you back the ability to control your wealth, and why governments will do everything in their power to control what happens next.

  • Price bubbles. The behaviour that sets them up and how you can use this to your advantage.

  • The theme behind government regulation and what history suggests will happen next.

And much more.