Ask yourself— “How many people do I know trade or own Bitcoin?” Ask around and see for yourself, better yet if you do come across someone who does own Bitcoin ask them this. “What is a blockchain?” Be prepared for blank faces, shrugs or just wild guesses.


So, what is a blockchain? Not sure? You’ve come to the right place.

Listen to the weekly altcoinsidekick.com podcast, and you’ll understand the game and what the cryptocurrency business is really all about. We discuss cryptocurrency and blockchains— what they are, how they work and the players behind the technology.



049 Parabolica

What is more likely to drive cryptocurrencies over the next decade: New technology or a crisis?

With debt levels at record highs, the likelihood of a massive shakeup of the financial system increases. As consumers own higher levels of debt than ever before the likelihood of a six sigma event increases. Out of a future crisis, will blockchain technology emerge like banking, bonds, and stocks, as the fourth great invention of finance?

050 Locked & Loaded

Is it possible to protect yourself from the extreme levels of volatility in the cryptocurrency market?

FinTech banks are disrupting traditional banks, but what if you want to move your money into a cryptocurrency asset? If you sweep your funds into a cryptocurrency account, what cryptocurrency are you going to use to hold your funds?

What if there was a way where you could move your fiat currency into a cryptocurrency exchange, transferring from US dollars, euros or Japanese yen, to a stable coin equivalent? — a stable coin that is 100% verified, audited, and backed one to one with the underlying

051 Guiding Light

Can inflation, geopolitical events, or a country in crisis be beneficial to cryptocurrencies?

As Bitcoin approaches a fibonacci 38.2 retracement, a level closely watched by technical analysts, let’s talk about the drivers behind long term trends.

052 Problem Reaction Solution

Which cryptocurrencies could benefit if public data harvested from the Internet is weaponised?

In an era dominated by fake news, in an age where the general public is rapidly losing faith in their governments, and in an environment of rising populist thinking, something needs to be done. A solution needs to be found — the only question is: Are blockchains the solution?

053 Big In Japan

When researching cryptocurrency investment ideas, do you follow the tech or find the problem?

If you want to invest not over the next hour, day, week, or month, enjoying the benefits of a short-term pop in price, history suggests those who understand the drivers of long term trends, detecting societal shifts whose effect will last not a month or two but years, hold an advantage.

054 Velvet Revolution

Does Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency forewarn of a soft takeover in the cryptocurrency space?

Is Facebook’s entry into the cryptocurrency space the beginning of a Velvet Revolution in cryptocurrencies? Change not through force, but through power, using the soft touch of the familiar.


055 Pink Sheets

Recognising a parabolic move in cryptocurrencies can provide traders with several advantages.

Speculating in cryptocurrency is not about being right or wrong; instead, the most successful speculators and investors, focus on recognising the moments in time when supply and demand become unbalanced, creating asymmetric trading opportunities, where risk can be quantified, and, even if the position fails, valuable information can be received about the most likely future direction of the trend.



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