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Technology can exist for a while before a mass consumer use is found for it.


Do you remember when you purchased your first home computer— and if so what do you use it for? Geeks and accountants drove the early sales, but in 1993— BOOM!  This happened… It was called Mosaic — the first web browser. And you know what happened next. The world tilted on its axis. Did You See It Coming? The killer app, and the catalyst, for the mass adoption and use of home computers, was the Mosaic web browser. We’ll look back in history for clues that could set up, like the Mosaic browser for home computing, the “Killer Apps” for blockchains, the Apps that will bring awareness of blockchains to the public.

Each week we’ll be discussing potential triggers for the mass adoption of blockchain technology. What if the catalyst for the mass adoption and rollout of blockchains has not happened yet?


New this week!

Week 38

Trading cryptocurrencies can look easy, but tripwires are hidden in plain site.

Most retail traders programming algorithms are attempting to mimic how our human brain processes data. It’s easy for you to see the peaks and troughs. Not so easy to program though.

One solution could create a peak and trough computer algorithm using percentage moves off a high and off a low, and most traders thinking like this would backtest to see which percentage works best. Unfortunately for them, if they backtest to find out, they may have just opened Pandora’s box.



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